Homestay in Rabat

cultural activities

Thank you ceremony on the honor of our host families and sponsors

Homestay in Rabat invited all its partners  to celebrate the success of the last summer  and recognize the host families efforts for promoting awareness of the Moroccan traditions and culture while hosting international students as a host family.  It was a good opportunity for our partners to meet each other[…]

Iftar party

Sunday 11th June 2017: Homestay in Rabat hosted a special Iftar dinner for its Families and guests celebrating the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan. The delightful evening took place at Rabat beach on Sunday 11th June 2017. The occasion brought together most of the host families, students, and[…]

Turkish Hamam

The Turkish bath has 1000 year old history and the process involved in taking a Turkish Bath is similar to that of a sauna, but it is more closely related to the bathing practices of the Romans.  

Henna party

Students will be given the opportunity to wear traditional Moroccan dress, get their hands hennaed and take souvenir pictures. Henna is a shrub native to the Mediterranean regions. It is painted onto the surface of the skin with plant dye. It dyes the top few layers of your skin, so the[…]

Cooking class

HOMESTAY-IN-RABAT cooking lessons will give you the chance to prepare and taste authentic Moroccan  food with other young people.  We will cover how to plan balanced meal and learn about making healthy choices (Tagines, Couscous, Bastila, ..) Program description:  Each Tuesday and Thursday a cooking course. Each session (evening) comprises 2/ 2,5 hours[…]

Pottery Workshop

Pottery Workshop

Homestay-in-Rabat organizes an excursion to Oulja every Tuesday. Oulja is a traditional artisan exhibition and pottery factory located in Rabat’s sister city of  Salé.  While visiting Oulja, you will have have a unique opportunity to watch traditional masters as they display their methods and crafts. The excursion is led by an Arabic speaking tutor[…]