Cheap vacation rentals Rabat

Homestay in Rabat aims to provide the best cultural experience and cheap vacation rentals Rabat for visitors in tried and trusted host families in Rabat Morocco. We have a trusted and proven group of families in Rabat all of whom have been with us for many years and who are inspected on a regular basis in order to ensure that our high standards are maintained.

During a Homestay in Morocco, the Host provides the guests with all their basic needs, including their own room, food and space to study. In return, the Guest pays a weekly fee to HOMESTAY-IN-RABAT organization, called a “Homestay fee”. Over the period of their time together, the Host assists the Guest to practice Arabic on daily basis, and become familiar with the Moroccan culture and customs in a relaxed and friendly household setting. The Guest is also encouraged to share with the Host information about their home country and the culture of Rabat . This interaction is what makes Homestay ideal for someone looking for a unique cultural experience.

The concept of cheap vacation rentals Rabat is unique ! Booking with HOMESTAY-IN-RABAT ensures that should you have a high quality accommodation Rabat, there is always someone just a phone call away who can help. We can give peace of mind because there is not a problem that we have not dealt with or that we have not solved !