Homestay in Rabat

Why Homestay in Rabat

We at HOMESTAY-IN-RABAT  have many years of experience providing  the best students accommodation in Rabat, Morocco

Moroccan host family  is the best student accommodation in Rabat. Our families have been interviewed and the accommodation they offer is always inspected. Care is taken to ensure that the family environment is safe and domestic conditions are of a good standard. The families recruited come from a wide range of social backgrounds and it is also important to know our families reflect the changing society within Morocco and may represent a cross-section of ethnic and cultural origins. Many of our host families have considerable experience in hosting students.

We take great care to ensure that our records are constantly updated to record any changes in the family circumstances (a new pet, baby etc). It is therefore very important that you let us know if you have any special requirements that need to be taken into consideration for your host family placement.

The host family placement confirmation will be sent to you in advance and will give you a brief description about the host family (occupation, children, pets, smoker/non smoker).

What you can expect from your host family in Rabat:

  • To provide a welcoming and comfortable environment and ensure your welfare is always considered
  • To help you understand Morocco Transport and how to travel
  • To provide a clean room and good quality living conditions
  • To allow access to communal areas
  • To allow access to the bathroom as necessary and to have a shower each day
  • To provide one laundry service per week (The host family will advise you how to go to a launderette for extra washing, if necessary)
  • To provide a door key where necessary
  • To provide the “meal plan” (Breakfast & Dinner)