Homestay in Rabat

Homestay in Rabat goals

The aim of our program is to help housewives in Rabat city to become financially independent, and create an environment for women to come into the mainstream of tourism development while welcoming foreign guests with warm hospitality in their homes and offer them a truly Moroccan cultural experience.

 The main goals and objectives of our program:

  • Host family pre-arrival orientation: We offer an in-person host family orientation prior to the arrival of participants to ensure that all host family members attend the in-person event. It is held every trimester and the purpose is to:
  • Identify one or more ways in which their culture may differ from their participant’s culture and the potential impact of such differences on their hosting experience.
  • Provide host families some best practices for the hosting experience.
  • Give families a chance to meet other host-families in the area as well as their student-family liaison.
  • Promoting awareness of ethnic Moroccan culture and traditions: Providing deeper insights into the Moroccan culture, literature, customs and traditions by:
  • Organizing and celebrating several traditional festivals in the community.
  • Inviting the guest to attend weddings, or other festivals that are happening, as well.
  • Exploring the Historical monument in Rabat by organizing local excursions which are designed to help introduce the guest to the Moroccan history.
  • Giving the guest the chance to prepare and taste authentic Moroccan  food with the family members.