Homestay in Rabat

Life in Rabat

Located on the Atlantic Ocean, Rabat is the capital of Morocco. It welcomes a large part of the country’s expat community, offering a peaceful environment mixing modernity and historical heritage.

Rabat is an ideal place for expats wishing a vibrant cultural life. The city indeed organizes international festivals and is also home to foreign cultural institutions. Education is also a seductive asset of the capital.

Homestay in Rabat’s program is based in Rabat, Morocco’s cosmopolitan capital. Situated at the confluence of the Bou Regreg River and Atlantic Ocean, Rabat is a relaxed yet stately metropolis of 1.7 million people. Steeped in history, Rabat is one of Morocco’s four imperial cities. Its medina (old city) is easy to navigate and includes housing as well as shops and traditional craftsmen plying their trades.  The modern city, dating to the early 20th century, has wide, pedestrian-friendly, tree-lined boulevards and many green spaces, and houses the political and administrative offices of Morocco’s government as well as its parliament, supreme court, and Royal Palace. Settled in the third century BC, Rabat subsequently was ruled by the Romans, Berbers, Arabs, and lastly the French before Morocco’s independence in 1956.

In addition to government offices, Rabat is home to Morocco’s most prestigious academic institutions and numerous non-governmental and international organizations, including ISESCO (the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). Mohammed V University was Morocco’s first modern university, and other institutions such as the Hassan II Institute of Agronomy and Veterinary Sciences, the National School of Administration, and the Applied Statistics Institute are also located in Rabat.  A recent addition to Rabat’s research and cultural institutions is the Royal Institute of Amazigh Culture.

Rabat’s waterfront is undergoing a total makeover with construction of a marina, apartment and commercial complexes, and a landscaped walkway along the riverside.  A light rail system under construction will link Rabat with Salé, its twin city across the river, and run to Madinat al-Irfan (City of Knowledge, or university quarter).  With tens of thousands of students and a vibrant cultural life, Rabat is an exciting place to live, work  and study.