Homestay in Rabat

Host family Rabat Morocco


  • Private room: Private furnished room with a Single bad a desk and a closet (internet service)
  • Accommodation in a traditional house with breakfast
  • Free transfer from Rabat airport upon arrival
  • So many cultural activities organized on a weekly basis to our guests
  • Orientation Pack: Upon arrival, we supply the volunteers with Orientation Pack, which contains Homestay guidelines and maps
  • Emergency contact: HOMESTAY-IN-RABAT organization is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in case of emergency

The aim of Homestay in Rabat is quite simply to provide the best cultural experience and cheap vacation rentals in Rabat for visitors in tried and trusted Host family Rabat Morocco. We have a trusted and proven group of families in Rabat all of whom have been with us for many years and who are inspected on a regular basis in order to ensure that our high standards are maintained.

During a Homestay in Morocco, the Host provides the guests with all their basic needs, including their own room, food and space to study. In return, the Guest pays a weekly fee to HOMESTAY-IN-RABAT organization, called a “Homestay fee”. Over the period of their time together, the Host assists the Guest to practice Arabic on daily basis, and become familiar with the Moroccan culture and customs in a relaxed and friendly household setting. The Guest is also encouraged to share with the Host information about their home country and the culture of Rabat . This interaction is what makes Homestay ideal for someone looking for a unique cultural experience.

There are many different kinds of families involved: retired couples, single-parent families, single individuals, widows, as well as traditional families. But whether they are young or old, with or without children, they all share a strong interest in cross-cultural communication. Many of them have traveled or lived abroad, so they can identify with you. They are excited to welcome you into their homes and assist you in your adjustment to life here in Rabat.

The concept of cheap vacation rentals in Rabat  is unique ! Booking with HOMESTAY-IN-RABAT ensures that should you have a high quality accommodation  in Rabat, there is always someone just a phone call away who can help. We can give peace of mind because there is not a problem that we have not dealt with or that we have not solved!

We look forward to welcoming you to Rabat city and accommodating you in one of our families in Rabat !